3 Things To Improve Creativity

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Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. It is something that we experience in our day to day life. From a pen’s ink flow technology to aero plan’s aerodynamic design, its all example of someone’s creativity. Specially, for artists this is something that make them stand out of the crowd. But do you know that being creative is not an easy challenge? Yes, you read it right. If creativity is that easy than every artist would be popular and successful. There are different ways that a person can show their creativity on their work. But everyone at some point of life feel that they are out of ideas. Or they are not able to express their thoughts on their work. These are very common among artists but how to deal with these ?

I also face these scenarios. But I follow 5 golden rules which helps me to get out of such situations and might also help you.

1. Be open all the time

Creative block can be described as the inability to access one’s internal creativity. This is the scenario when we are unable to get any new or interesting topic to work on and often happen because the fear of imperfection, feeling like you are not good enough to see an idea through. Remember this quote

Necessity is the mother of invention

– By Albert Einstein

Always keep your self open to new ideas. Ideas are not something that is written somewhere and we get it. An idea can click any time in any situation. Always keep searching for it. We all are surrounded with million of ideas all we need is just to identify it. Once you get an idea start working on it. You might feeling a at a certain point that this is not a god work or you may also think like audience is not going to like it. These kind of thoughts are very common. But, don’t let these thought stop you. If you are able to express the way you are feeling through your work then trust me audience is definitely going to like it. And always remember we are not perfect but we can try to make it. And this is a continuous process.

Learn from Past, Live in Present and let the Future speak

– By Rock

2. Environment

Work environment has a big role on creativity. You can’t work properly in a noisy place. Your will not be able to concentrate over the work as it will keep focusing on the noises or the distractions. So always find a peaceful place where you won’t get distracted by others or any noise. Most importantly avoid working on bed as it will make you feel sleepy and out of energy.

3. Music

Creativity and Music are directly linked. Music has the power to change anyone’s mood. It can make us feel happy, sad or even angry. Music can cure your pain or energies you. A study says that listening to background music can increase your level of creativity. Now, a question arises here. What kind of music should we play in background?

Always choose a music as per your mood so that it can match our level of restlessness. In case you are trying to write something choose classical tunes that were upbeat and stimulating. And make the volume low as it is played in some fine dinning restaurants. It will help your brain to avoid focusing on the lyrics(if its a song).

So, whenever you are trying to do some creative work play some good music. But remember one thing avoid using ear phone or headphones for this. This will cause disturbance as your brain will keep focusing on the song and not the work. You can checkout some cool speaker.

Please comment below if these help you and what are your suggestions to increase creativity.

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