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Countryside, a western word that creates a fascinating image in our mind of a never ending road with some eye soothing greenery. Or a blue sky with beautiful shapes of cloud floating around with a gentle breeze. But do we actually understood the meaning of the word Countryside? Have we ever thought that countryside is nothing but the village? Yes, the meaning of countryside is village. And we have abundant number of villages in India. We can pay thousands of bucks to get a relaxing holiday far from city life. But, we never think of going to our native villages.

What makes Indian villages special?

Countryside Scenic Beauty

inIndian countryside pictures

Everything we need, nature has it all. Even after spending a hefty amount to fun rides and resorts we don’t get rejuvenated for our daily activity. But, after a trip from some outskirts we do. We travel long distances just to experience sun rise or sun set. But, these beautiful moments are usual experiences in villages. Standing on the shore of a river experiencing a sunset with a pink sky and the cool wind touching your face. This feeling can’t be expressed. When the air inhaled, you will feel the purity in it.

Countryside Simplicity

Unlike city, people in villages live a very low profile lifestyle. They work very hard each day to fulfill the daily needs. But, is this a reason to visit? Of course it is not. A typical day in a village start with waking up early morning which is very good for our body as we get maximum of the day to increase the number of meal intake which increases our metabolism. After that people go to farms or to their respective job which includes physical work and this makes us fit and healthy too. Unlike city we can’t get house help services over a call in villages so, we have to work ourselves to fix problems.


Countryside Tradition


Traditions are something that can’t be bought with money. It can only be inherited from generation to generation. Witnessing local traditional functions of villages gives much more happiness than riding a roller coaster for a few seconds of adrenalin rush. Being part of village traditions not only gives joy but also lifetime memories and experiences. You can go to a water park and have a fun ride any day but these traditional occasions can’t be experienced on any day in a year. So, if you are planning a trip to any Indian countryside, always check for the famous tradition there and try to visit during that time.

Most importantly they love guests!

Yes! you read it correct, countryside people will be very happy to host you. You will experience the real meaning of “Atithidevo Bhava” which means Guest Is God. They would love to host you and share there freshly prepared delicious countryside meals with you. Unlike city markets, everything there is freshly picked and cooked in a authentic traditional way. Its impossible to get that taste in any restaurant.

Tell me in comment what would you prefer, countryside or a resort? And do checkout the few more beautiful natural places and one day trip to Estonia.

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