Pakistani hacker tried to hack Modi’s blog but he got Trolled!!

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 Few days ago a Pakistani Hacker was trying to hack Indian PM Narendra Modi’s blog but instead he hacked another website named ‘Mody Institute Of Science and Technology’ as he that this website is having the word Mody so it may be related to PM Modi.

As we know that a cyber war is going on between Indian Hackers and Pakistani Hackers  after the surgical strike was carried out by Indian soldiers at Pakistan. From time to time hackers of both the nations has hacked websites of both the nations and pushed their country’s agenda through this.  

A few days ago a Indian Hackers were able to hacked some of the important government websites of Pakistan, a hacker who belonged to the group called ‘Telangana Cyber Warrior‘ received 120 bitcoins (Rs 50 lakh) from Pakistan Government to release these websites.

In Retaliation a Pakistani Hacker, thought of hacking Indian Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’s’ personal blog, but he did a big mistake while doing a the research. He was able to hacked ‘Mody institute of Science and Technology’ as he may had thought that the since this website has the Mody, so it must be related to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

So this Poor Hacker guy gave all his time and hard work in hacking Prime Ministers website and at the end after he put all the Pro-Pak messages he came to know that the website he hacked has nothing to do with PM Modi. 

So let’s hope, next time when any Pakistani hacker will thought about doing this kind of thing he/she will do his homework properly.

Source:The imortal Himalayas

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