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The Dark Web is a collection of thousands of websites that use anonymity tools like Tor and I2P to hide their IP address. While it’s most famously been used for black market drug sales and even child pornography, the Dark Web also enables anonymous whistle blowing and protects users from surveillance and censorship.Some times we heard from our friend or seen on the internet about the security breaches  that security details like email ids, passwords or credit card information were stolen or we can say that tech giant companies like Yahoo, Google or Facebook were hacked. 

What does this mean?

Actually what happens is Hackers hack into the systems or we can say hack into the servers to get benefited i.e. to demand bribe.  Their motive is to steal crucial user information from their Data Base and sell them to earn money. For example a few months ago Uber cab server was hacked. Hacked Uber accounts are being traded on internet black markets and fetching a higher price than stolen credit card details as cyber criminals turn their attention on charging phantom rides to unsuspecting users.

How they sell these on internet?

Like real world,  virtual world i.e. on internet there is a place to sell these illegal stuffs called Dark Web /Deep Web


To start on our journey of the different aspects of the web, we’ll begin with the surface; the parts you’re most familiar with. The Surface Web is anything that can be indexed by a typical search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Google has a great interactive story explaining how they index and search the web in depth.

From a purist’s definition standpoint, the Surface Web is anything that a search engine can find while the Deep Web is anything that a search engine cant findHere’s the easiest way to think about the Deep Web: It’s all the data behind firewalls. Think user databases, business intranets, web archives, password-protected websites, etc.

By some estimates, this part of the internet is estimated to be 400 to 500 times as large as the Surface Web.

Sometimes you will hear the term Deep Web used interchangeably with “Dark Web,” but they aren’t really the same thing.

The terms Deep Web and Dark Web are often used interchangeably especially post-Silk Road trial, but that equivalency isn’t quite accurate. The Dark Web is like a subset of the Deep Web, or perhaps the deepest layer of the web ocean and includes encrypted sites, as well as marketplaces for illicit activities and products including weapons, drugs and illegal trafficking. The Dark Web reflects the “darker” side of the society, and is accessible via special software’s or browsers lsuch TOR (The Onion Router) or I2P (Invisible Internet Project), which have “masked” IP addresses, making them untraceable.

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